13 Ways to Decorate With String Lights


While LED lights may look lovely to decorate your Christmas tree, you won't have to wait any longer. Break them out of the boxes early — but this time, use them to decorate your home and garden. Ahead, check out 13 gorgeous ideas to have a try right now.


This one is so easy! Hang lights around your windows for an eye-catching effect.


Did you know you can DIY a marquee light using a chip board and string lights? It's easier than you think!


Have you imagine how great would it look if you wrapped lights around a chandelier for an elegant outdoor dinner party? Bonus points if you have a cozy outdoor heater or fire pit.


Let them fall from the ceiling in a corner for an effortlessly cool look.


Or, create a curtain of lights to hang in your backyard or as a wedding ceremony backdrop.


Hang them in the backyard (and pair them with enough candles) for an inviting feel.


Here's a great idea: wrap fairy lights around tree trunks to create a special seating area in your garden.


Or around a mirror for a wow-worthy display.


Is that 3D? Nope, it's just a painting wrapped by string lights — very cool, right?


Having a sunset wedding? Loop them around a chuppah — it'll look lovely and warm.


Genius! Hang them directly above the pool for a cool mirrored effect at night.


Make your own flower lights to bring a dainty touch to any space.


One last idea: fill a grapevine ball with lights for a cool chandelier look, inside or outside.




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