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DIY // Before & after of my backyard

It actually make me painful a tiny bit to upload the previous photos of my backyard with all of the pretties I post here, but you won’t get the full effect unless I do, so this one’s for you guys! My full makeover reveal is on the blog today where you can see all of…
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DIY Fire Pit and Seating Area

Eight years ago, my wife and I bought this house, due in part to the very large backyard - roughly .5 acre. For eight years we had done nothing meaningful with it until now. I'd like to add that I did this project entirely by myself and that before we began this project, I had…
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The Timing To Consider When Having An Evening Garden

Now you know the reason why you need to have an evening garden, you should start planning now. Firstly, find out the things which you may need to consider such as the following: First of all, think about the lighting. Since it is a garden by night, you should think of the lighting. In this…
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