Swag & Chainlink

Remember our outdoor patio area? It’s this one below our deck…


Well…that red plaid rug isn’t an outdoor rug. It had to go. It was getting bleached out by the sun and it was starting to smell from the mildew. I wasn’t too heartbroken since it only cost me a couple bones and I was just using it as a placeholder rug anyway. But I did google the heck out of outdoor rugs.

I scoured craigslist for a deal. I bookmarked my favorite styles on all my favorite rug shops. I checked every rug in every store in a twenty mile radius. No dice. I was getting a little frustrated. Then it happened. SALE TIME. I love end of the season sales. But even with the sales, getting a rug that was at least 6’x8′ for under $100 (that was my predetermined budget for the rug) was proving difficult. Then I saw this bin at the local Lowe’s…


The only problem was that they only had one 5×7 chainlink rug in the bin and I would need two to make it big enough. So I went hunting in the store. I don’t know why but I was convinced that there was two. I call it my SSS…shopping sixth sense. Mine is highly developed after years of development, weight training exercises and tactical experimentation. Finally I saw it. The awol rug. It was already opened but still rolled up…hanging out in the corner with the bird feeders.


And now my two rugs are on the patio. I love them. Because they don’t have a border, we were able to just butt them up next to one another. Yes, I was very excited to use the word butt. Immaturity at it’s finest.


The seam isn’t perfect but I don’t care. I actually like having two smaller rugs…so if something spills, it is more manageable to move. Afterall – Jer is only home a couple waking hours every day so muscle is a novelty around here.


So our chainlink rug was in place. love it.

Next up…mood lighting. Here’s the swag people…


Prior to our patio changes, we had one string of lights stapled up. One. It didn’t go all the way around the deck. Just stopped right there above Jer’s head. They were up for my sister’s wedding and we never took them down. oh and they weren’t ours. The string of lights actually belonged to my mom.


These are some of the only pics I could find with the old lights. Will was stomping poppers. That’s a treat (and workout) around these parts.


About two years ago I found a clearance section at Lowe’s with umbrella lights. They were marked down from around ten bucks per package to $2 a package. So I bought eight. I figured that we could use them eventually somewhere. They have been in a plastic christmas storage bin since that time. Then we bought this house and I remembered that we had all those outdoor lights.


We planned out how much swag each needed to do the whole deck and clipped them all together. Jeremy used a staple gun to attach each string to the underside of the deck. It was funny because we didn’t want to staple while the electricity was still running through it. So Jer was on the ladder holding the string till I approved. Then I unplugged it. He stapled. I plugged back in. And then we did it all over again and nobody died. In hindsight, cuphooks would have been less stressful. I love the round bulbs.


The ambience is awesome at dusk and later. And I figure if we ever get tired of the swag look, we can always pop out the strings and staples and do a more tailored straight look. Right now I am digging the swaggy look.


So pretty cute, right?! Dare I say it….deeeeeeviiiiiine?

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