Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Cuff 22-42 cm 2 User Mode

UPC: 713194659045


【Accurate & Quick Measurements】- FDA approved and validated for high accuracy, large digital display, one button operation and fast measurements.
【Fits Most Arm Sizes】- Arm cuff size is 22-42cm, fits for almost all arm sizes.
【2 Users Data Storage】- Store up to 90 measurement records between two users, for a total 180 measurements.
【2 Power Supply Modes】- Power by 4x AA batteries (Not included), and support AC Adapter (Not included).
【Automatic Power-off】- The device will turn off  itself if no button is pressed in 3 minutes after measurement for power saving.

Model: Automatic upper arm blood pressure moniter
Display: LCD digital display
Measuring principle: Oscillometric method
Measuring localization: Upper arm
Measurement range
Pressure: 0-299mmHg
Pulse: 40-199 pulses/min
Accuracy pressure: ±3mmHg
Accuracy pulse: ±5% of reading
Memory function: 2×90 sets memory of measurement values
Power source: 4pcs AA alkaline battery DC 6V or AC adapter (not inclued)
Main unit lifetime: 10000 times under normal use
Accessories: Cuff, instruction manual, 4pcs AA alkaline batteries
Warranty: Two years from the date listed on the purchased record

Before the measurement:
1. Please keep quiet for 5-10 minutes, and avoid eating, drinking clcohol, smoking, exercising and bathing before taking measurement. All these factors will influence the measurement result.
2. Remove any garment the fits closely to your upper arm.
3. Always measure on the same arm (normally left).
4. Take measurement regularly at the same time of every day, as blood pressure changes even during the day.

Common factors of wrong measurement:
1. All efforts by the patient to support their arm can increase blood presure.
2. Make sure you are in a comfortable, relax position and do not activate any of the muscles in the measurement arm during measurement. Use a cushion for support if necessary.
3. If the arm artery lies lower or higher than the heart, a false reading will be obtained.

1. Only use clinically approved cuffs!
2. A loose cuff or a exposed bladder causes false reading.

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