Whimsical Brooklyn Wedding

As crazy cool as this wedding is (and it’s awesome), it’s the couple at the middle of it all that really catches your attention. A duo that is crafty enough to place Super 8 cameras around their venue and ask their amazingly talented friends to capture every moment. The result? A beautiful film different from any other, and the perfect congratulation to their gorgeous day captured. See it all here.

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From the Bride… Sitting down to write about our day brings up such happy memories. The best part was that James was very joined in the planning with me. It meant so much to me to be able to put this together with him.

All we wanted was for our guests to enjoy a comfortable atmosphere, delicious food, and awesome music. And the most important thing – beautiful photographs to last forever.

It was held at The Green Building in Brooklyn – a big open space with chandeliers, exposed brick and french doors leading to a beautiful outdoor area. It was perfect. The idea that we could decorate this empty space was so exciting! Although a big guest list, we still wanted it to feel comfortable and for our guests to make friends, enjoy themselves and feel right at home. We had great time working with Molly to make the space feel cozy and intimate.

Our vendors were all exceptional and went beyond our expectations. We worked with Shannon to cater the evening. She made us feel like anything was possible and helped us plan the wedding of our dreams – a never-ending cocktail party, with a various of passed hors d’ oeuvres and comfort food stations.

Our all vinyl DJ, Michael Antonia – The Human Jukebox, kept the dance party going whole night. He mixed old throwbacks with new music, and people still tell me what a great time they had on the dance floor. He also played some very old music which I’d requested, specifically for my grandfather to enjoy. I remember a moment during the night when I heard one of my grandpa’s favorite songs start playing. I ran over to him, and even though he couldn’t dance with me, we stood together and I held him tight. And now, only three months since the wedding, my sweet grandpa left. But he was happy and healthy on my wedding day, and I just have to hold on to that. I’ll always be able to look back and cherish the precious moment he and I shared in the midst of the reception because our amazing photographers were right there to catch it.

Our floral arrangements were done by Sarah Bedford was lovely to work with and her subtle, but striking flower design looked effortless. Sarah also created my beautiful flower crown.

My make-up artist, Mandy Bisesti, made me feel natural and beautiful, like myself but flawless. My hair stylist Seventy Jane Arniotis, gave me loose waves with a braided crown. Woven into my braid was a gold chain my grandmother had left to me.

And now, my dress. It was a blush Sarah Seven gown, bought at New York’s Lovely Bride. I love it and our entire wedding color scheme was based on the color of this dress. I intended to make it lighter, but the designer wasn’t available to work with me. I had it changed by layering sheer, ivory fabrics overtop with the help of Rebecca Schoneveld. She was a dream. I sent her my ideas, drew up sketches for her and she helped me bring everything together.

My bridesmaids were all mismatched, made up in Jenny Yoo’s Bridesmaid and Social Collections. Each of the girls chose a dress that suited her, with a few guidelines – it had to be neutral, short and the more sparkles the better. To compliment and contrast, my maid of honor wore a gorgeous, candy green Ceremony gown by Joanna August. James was handled the guys, who were also free to mismatch.

To capture video footage, we bought four Super8 cameras and placed them around The Green Building, with a balloon attached so they could be spotted easily and a note with instructions, just in case the camera was new to any of the guests. We encouraged people to pick them up, take some footage and pass it along. After the wedding, we digitized the film and edited together a fun party video for ourselves.

We are so lucky to have been surrounded by so much love and support. My mother’s poem she wrote for us brought tears to my eyes. And my sister gave such an endearing speech, telling sweet stories about me and my James. All of the toasts were very special. I’ll always remember their thoughtful words.

That was our wonderful day. And I’m excited for the rest of our days. James is more than my best friend, he is my heart. He treats our love as something special and important. He lifts me up and lights up my life with laughter. His happiness is precious to me and I’ll always try to make him smile and laugh for the rest of our lives.


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