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Michael and Tarin grew up in the same neighborhood in the suburbs of Chicago and while there was a brief moment of middle school romance, they remained close friends as they grew into adulthood. Then in college their love was rekindled and five years later they tied the knot at a gorgeous wedding, Texas. Michael and Tarin kept it simple with minimal decorations complimenting the whimsical furniture and lighting the venue already had in place.
Read on to hear more from Tarin about their special day, especially their full budget breakdown! Visit the full gallery here to see so much more of this whimsical wedding at Le San Michele, all beautifully captured by Heather Hawkins Photography.




From the Bride:
I’m a bit unconventional in the sense that I never dreamt of a wedding, and a few other senses too I suppose. Even after getting engaged I never purchased a bridal magazine, never took a dance lesson, never went cake tasting, never met with a florist, never rented tables, never came up with a color scheme, never went on a diet and never even had a dress fitting. Our ‘plan’ for the wedding was simple, invite awesome people and keep it casual. That we did.




So sure, over the course of our engagement there weren’t a lot of “traditional” (and fun to some) wedding planning activities. However, there also wasn’t any stress. It was light and playful. We were able to fully enjoy the day with our friends and family, who had so kindly traveled from all over to celebrate with us. We can only hope they enjoyed it half as much as we did.





We ordered (the famous) Franklin BBQ, rented music equipment to hookup an ipod, had a dear friend get internet-ordained to administer the wedding, rented buses to transport our guests, hired bartenders, reserved the greatest photographer, and selected a ceremony and reception site that already had tables, chairs and lighting. I made cobbler for dessert and my mom did the flowers. That’s about it.






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